Cheri’s Princess Curtains- Tutorial

by Cheri on October 26, 2010

The drapes are so easy just iron a seam, fold it under again and press as you go, then made a fold at the top big enough to put the curtain rod through it. I added a ruffle to the edges and made tie backs for them.

I honestly don’t remember how many yards of material we bought for the curtains that look like the crown. I think there is 5 yards. I wanted mine to be FULL.

The top “crown” curtains are sooooo easy peasy and not that expensive to make but they look like a million bucks.

I did the same fold, press, fold again press and stitch down all the way around. On this one I did not make a slot for a curtain rod.

For the back of the curtains (wrong side) you need to get little plastic rings, like this:


OR you can purchase rings that are on bias tape.

The little plastic rings will be handstiched on every 4-6 inches vertically up the curtains or you can stich down the bias tape. I did 5 rows to create the CROWN effect. It is easiest to start in the middle and do a straight line up. (see diagram–you continue adding the rings or bias tape all the way to the top.)

Now that your curtain is divided in half you will do a row up both of the outer seams.  (see diagram)

Now you will do a row between the outer edge and middle row on both side. (see diagram)

Grab ribbon and feed it through each of the rings in one row and draw up the curtains. Do that to each row individually.  I tied a “bow so I could adjust them once I was  actually putting them up.

I measured and added little hooks on the wall, for each of the rows to be hung on.

The middle one being the highest point and the outer ones being at the lowest point and the ones in between spaced between them. Adjust your curtains and Wha — Lah They look lik you paid someone a lot of money for those darling curtains.


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