Holly’s Clever Caddy

by Holly LL on June 30, 2011

I see (faux) bundt pans all the time at the thrift store…If they have a cool shape or color I pick them up and use them as “vases” for centerpiece displays and planters….but recently I had another idea…which never quite got finished in time…but it morphed into this idea…a napkin and or utensil caddy for all of those summer parties!
I must mention that (I think) technically I have to call these beauties ring shaped fluted cake pans…because Bundt is a trademarked name!
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer
  • Krylon, Chalkboard Paint
  • Rockler Sanding Bug
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Multi-Purpose Dand-O-Line Green wire (this is a thick coated wire, with a safe work load of up to 100Lbs. I selected it for the size, certainly my caddy will not hold 100 lbs.) I bought this at the hardware store.
  • Wire Cutters
  • Twine/ribbon/strips of fabric
  • Chalk
  • Sand the pan if necessary and then wipe it clean.

  • Mark off drill holes for the basket handle on opposite sides of the pan.
  • Drill hole.
  • Sand rough edges of the hole.

  • Use the Krylon Primer as per the cans directions and coat the pan inside and out. Let dry/cure completely.

  • Break out the good ole Krylon chalkboard paint and begin coating the pan with that. In the end I gave the outside and inside about 4 light coats each. Let dry/cure.

  • Prime the surface by rubbing chalk all over and wiping off. (You can do this at anytime, but it is easy to do now)

  • Cut a 24″ length of coated wire for the handle (I made this long so it would be easy to work with the first time, as you get used to it, you can probably cut if shorter.)
  • Thread about 4″ through one hole; bend it up and around toward the top; wrap the short end around the loop about 2 times. Use wire cutters to cut excess.
  • Determine size of the handle and take the long end of the wire up and over and then through the hole on the other side; tread the end through the hole; come up and wrap the end around the loop 2 times; cut off excess with wire cutter.

  • Wrap the wire handle. I used strips of fabric. Leave a 6″ tail and thread fabric through the hole; tie off at the connection point (when you looped the wire and cut excess); bring the tail toward the top; wrap fabric (long tail) around the loop and back through the hole and up the other side of the loop; continue wrapping up the handle. When you run out of fabric, wrap it tightly and begin another strip of fabric by overlapping you end point; wrap it around the remaining portion of the handle and repeat the wrapping and tying off at the other loop.

  • I added a few more lengths of fabric strips as ties for decorative purposes.

I decide to use this as a napkin caddy because I like to use cloth napkins as much as possible, and it makes a cute presentation! You could use this for so many other thing too – condiments, silverware (with some mason jars tucked inside)…and of course my still all time favorite as a centerpiece.


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