Tiffany’s Lollipop Trees / Cake Pop Stand with Styrofoam

by tiffhewlett on October 6, 2011

I remember a carnival type game that was played at my sister’s birthday party, (she was so lucky to have a summer birthday, I had to deal with snow while she got ponies…no bitterness here) the game was to pull a Dum Dum out of a tree made out of card board and if you had a dot on the bottom then you got an extra prize…either way you got to keep the Dum Dum.

I loved that game. I rocked at it. I always got a…Dum Dum.


My son turned one a couple weeks ago and I was making my first batch EVER of Cake Pops.

I know, sometimes (read all the time) I am a little behind on the trends.

I needed a way to hold the cake pops up…while at the same time being cute…it’s kind of a thing I have.

Also…Halloween is coming up and what would be better than a lollipop tree to take your Dum Dum out of when you come to the door to pick up your lame treat since the cost efficient lady there doesn’t splurge on chocolate? I have to say I can’t think of anything more fun!

To make one…all you need is a glue gun, a Styrofoam cone, some fabric scraps and something sharp…like a skewer.


Now forgive these next three photos, I seem to have gotten them in the wrong order, but you can see that you wrap strips of fabric around the cone, gluing as you go. Then you can embellish.  If you are making a more Halloween-ish tree you will need different colors…candy corn overdone yet? I didn’t think so either!
Keep wrapping (and rapping) and gluing until you have a cute tree… Then stab it with a stick!


It’s therapeutic and fun!

Then fill it with lollipops and if you are REALLY fun mom color the bottom of one with a marker. Whoever picks that one gets to do the dishes after dinner! Your kids will sing your praises for sure!

OR…make much cuter cake pops than I did (but seriously, these were some of the most delicious things I have ever put in my mouth) and stick them in the tree for a fun table centerpiece!


I will be making a Christmas one as well…and maybe some more birthday ones to match different themes…or what a fun gift to drop off on someones door…or tell your kids to plant a sucker stick and then put one of these where it ‘grew’ over night. Your 3 year old will be ahhh-mazed! :)

For more goofiness and cute things, visit me at Making the World Cuter!

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