Holly’s Hallway Facelift featuring Dutch Boy and Purdy

by Holly LL on December 30, 2011

For what seems like ages, I have been refreshing the walls of my house. My house is in a constant state of flux as it is…but I am really wanting some fresh paint on all of the walls. I have managed to get that moving in some parts of the house…but there is still much left to do. 

Late one night, I decided one of my hallways needed a facelift.

Don’t sane people paint at 10:30 pm?

I had some Refresh Paint from Dutch Boy all ready and waiting for me. The color is a gorgeous neutral shade called Water Fowl. As soon as I tested it on the wall, I knew I selected the right color.


I continue to choose Refresh because of many reasons, but these reasons are very specific to my needs (taken from website): 

  • Exceptional hide and durability
  • Gives mildew-resistant coating
  • Zero VOC† / Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified




1. First up, remove furnishings and wall hangings I removed the few hangings I had – a couple of framed photos by my mother in law and my Family Command Center.

2. Prep the walls. I dusted the corners of the hallway…because (sadly) I could see some cobweb-y things up there.

3. Typically I would spackle the nail holes, but I knew that I wanted these three pieces to go back to their original positions, so I left them. I did have a hole of two that I did spackle. Let dry.

4. Cut in using your Purdy Paintbrush. I used to use TONS of painters tape, but with a good quality brush…ZERO tape required. If you are not so sure of your painting skills, you it, BUT also invest in a quality brush.

5. Roll on the paint. I was thrilled with how the paint went on. I have bumpy – overly textured walls and the combination of the quality paint and the quality roller made the application smooth and quick…and only one coat gave great coverage!

6. Finish up the walls and let dry.

7. Rehang your photos and you have a beautifully refreshed hallway!

I LOVE the way this looks…

NOW – Water Fowl

THEN- yellow

Here are my sweet signs I hung with the DISChangers yesterday. They love their new home!



This hallway needed a little love! Now on to the other hallway!

What have you  pained lately???

504 Main

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cassie December 30, 2011 at 8:37 am

it looks so fresh and new! and i love it paired with the black accessories!

Cheri December 30, 2011 at 11:26 am

I really like that color. It is so pretty.


Karen December 30, 2011 at 7:42 pm

Nice to know I am sane, since I too enjoy late night painting. Your hall looks gorgeous. My husband finds it perfectly normal now to come home and have a room be a completely different color than it was when he left. I like to keep things interesting and my husband guessing. Spices things up ;) -K

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