Holly’s Sparkling Butterfly Art featuring DecoArt

by Holly LL on February 29, 2012

My daughter wants me to make things for her room all the time…I would love to..but she wants all sorts of things that may or may not go together. Finally we agreed on something. When I received my Glamour Dust Ultra Fine Glitter Paint from DecoArt, she was mesmerized..so I came up with some suggestions and finally we decided on some butterfly art…it goes well with her overgrown flower mural in her room! But I must confess, I changed the project up a bit while she was sat school, and well, let;s just say 4 year olds do not always appreciate the effect of Distress Ink.


  • 9 x 12 canvas
  • Gorilla Glue: regular glue and/or wood glue
  • DecoArt American Acrylic Paint: Turquoise Blue, Believe Pink (or a pink you like that corresponds to the Glamour Dust)
  • DecoArt  Glamour Dust Glitter Paint: Turquoise Sparkle, Celebration Pink
  • Foam brushes
  • DecoArt Stencil, Jacobean Floral
  • DecoArt Thickening medium
  • Plastic palette knife or old store/credit card
  • 12 Wood butterfly cut outs from craft store (more or less depending on the size of the canvas)
  • wood or chip board letters (mine are from Walmart)
  • Distress Ink, tea dye
  • Glitter, aquamarine



NOTE: The Glamour Dust does sparkle on its own, but for this project I have layered it with the corresponding acrylic paint – it gives the Glamour Dust a rich vibrant sparkle!

Paint top and sides of canvas in acrylic paint, Turquoise Blue. Let dry.

I learned this technique at the Craft and Hobby Association show in 2011….Mix thickening medium and Glamour Dust (Turquoise Sparkle) together in a 1:1 ratio .

Place stencil on canvas (be careful not to press down in middle of canvas, so that the paint does not run under the stencil). Place some of the thickened Glamour Dust on the credit card and scrape/squeegee across the canvas, on top of the stencil. Let dry.

The sparkle shows up after it dries!

It will be a beautiful sparkly raised texture! PRETTY!!!!

Paint each butterfly in your choice of solid color. Painting the butterfly in a corresponding solid color will make the sparkle that much more vibrant in the finished product.


See the pretty sparkle!

NOTE: First I painted word (FLY) in choice of solid color and added the Glamour Dust, but the letters are just too small to get the full effect of the Glamour Dust..so I just spread glue all over and glittered them.


Once dry I rubbed each letter with my finger to wear off some glitter – a perfectly glittered FLY did not quite work with the rest of the components. See how it is distressed?

Place finished butterflies on canvas….I played with my placement a bit…I originally intended the butterflies to be lined up ad very symmetrical…but while the 4 year old liked it that way…I knew I wanted to do something else…and finally decided to layer them all on the canvas.

Original Placement – the 4 year olds version

New Placement – the Mom’s version

This is when I decided they needed (yep, they were begging for it) some Distress Ink – for me it gave them depth and interest…but they do also look fine w/o the ink…just a different look!

Use the Gorilla Glue to affix them to the canvas. I used the traditional Gorilla Glue because it expands a bit and that it would go into the “crevices” created with the stencil/thickening medium.

I then used a small paint brush and Gorilla Wood Glue to affix letters.


Hang it up!

See the Sparkle!


My little one is very happy with her new sparkly butterflies…mostly!

But I LOVE them!

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