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Hey there! I am Holly, and 504 Main is my home away from home where I entertain, cook, create, DIY and try to entertain you! I am a not-so-domestic diva, turned full-on domestic diva…and I LOVE it {most days}. I want 504 Main to be a comfortable place, the kind of place that you feel like you can stop by anytime, kick off your heels {or boots} and have a mocha…or a glass of wine.

I have a vintagey, beat up, discarded, slightly French, yet totally American aesthetic {confused? Me too sometimes!}. I like what I like!

I LOVE re-purposed crafting and creating. I prefer to use unusual materials to create beautiful projects, like my screen wreath. The crazier, the more unexpected, the older, the odder, the more beat up something is, the more likely I am to be inspired by it.

Glitter, tile, wood, saws, screwdrivers, paint — you name it – I’ll try to DIY almost anything {at least once}!

My Dad revels in the fact that he gets to buy me tools! I used to only DIY things that I could hire someone to cheaply fix – if I messed up – but not anymore! I am still learning as I go, but it seems to be working OK! Guess what?…I even once auditioned to be a carpenter on a “big-time big-network” TV show.

In a life a long, long time ago, I was a fashion designer. Then, all my girlfriends started getting married. After seven walks down the aisle as a bridesmaid, the wedding bug had bitten. I began to put the pieces of my new career into place. So now I am a former-ish wedding planner – for the moment, I write about weddings more than plan them. I speak at wedding planning events, and have also appeared as a wedding expert on national television, including Lifetime’s The “I Do” Diaries: My Best Friends Wedding and NBC’s The Other Half. Of course I have a wedding blog too!…Hip Weddings!

Then, one day someone asked if I could write a book…

I said “Sure,” and since then I have become an accidental author of several wedding related books…and one fashion book:
*The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book (Adams Media 2009)*
*The Perfect Wedding Guide (Parragon)*
*The Wedding Planner (Parragon)*
*How to ÒI doÓ: Planning the Ultimate Weddings in Six Weekends of Less (HarperCollins)*
*100 Best Careers in Fashion and Modeling (MacMillan)*

And, coming December, 2010…
*The Everything Wedding Checklist Book (Adams Media)*
*The Everything Bridesmaids Book (Adams Media)*

My biggest DIY project is as mom to two of the cutest, most precocious little turkeys around, and a wife to hubby {who is only mentioned by hubby and does not ever want to see a photo of himself here or anywhere on a blog!}

In my spare time, I continue to work on more books, I cook, craft, and act as all around handy woman, mom and wife at my house.

If you have any questions, email me: holly504main@yahoo.com


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