The 7 Best Soundproof Blankets for All Uses: Simple & Cheap

When it comes to soundproofing, soundproof blankets always come out on top.

For many people, a soundproof blanket is a favorite solution in reducing noise because of its price and efficiency.

But does it really work? If so, how much noise can it deaden? Where can you use this type of blanket?

In this article, you’ll learn about soundproof blankets, how effective they are, and the things you should consider when buying one. We would also show you the soundproof blankets we recommend.
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Let’s get into it! ❄

What are soundproof blankets?

A soundproof blanket is a type of blanket which is denser and thicker than your ordinary blankets.

If you fire up Google and search for soundproof blankets, you would realize that they’re normally grouped together with moving blankets.

They are the same. When used in soundproofing, it’s called a soundproof blanket.

Originally though, the blankets are used for transport. But when companies learned about the trend of using moving blankets for soundproofing, they started making ones for studio use.

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Moving blankets are used to wrap furniture and appliances for protection during transport. The materials inside are what make them ideal for furniture protection. The same materials also block the air from passing through the fibers — effectively blocking sound waves in the air.

The materials used in making these blankets are any or combination of the following:

  • Mineral wool
  • Cotton
  • Multi-layered polyester

Now, let’s examine the uses of soundproof blankets.

Where to use soundproof blankets?

What are soundproof blankets used for? Well… How about everything soundproofing related?

Due to a blanket’s nature being portable and easy to apply, you can practically use a soundproof blanket to soundproof anything.

For example, these blankets could be used in soundproofing recording studios. But you can also use it them for soundproofing doors, rooms, windows, walls (you get the picture).

Here’s a shortlist of where you can use soundproof blankets on:

  • House (door, room window, wall, and even ceiling)
  • Recording studio
  • Warehouse
  • Insulating appliances
  • Dog crate

As long as the space can be covered with a blanket, you can use a soundproof blanket on it to reduce noise.

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Now that you know how useful a soundproof blanket is, let’s see how effective they are.

How effective are soundproof blankets against noise?

Can soundproof blankets block sound? Do they absorb it?

Short answer — yes.

Sound is simply a vibration that spreads like a wave (hence, sound waves). These waves are what your ears hear and register. Usually, people receive these waves through the air, though they can also be transmitted via solid surfaces (impact).

If a material like a soundproof blanket can block air, it can also block the passage of sound waves. Of course, air would still be able to get through via the minute gaps in the material in the blanket.

However, it’s undeniable that a soundproof blanket can really dampen or deaden noise effectively.

In addition to that, soundproof blankets kill off the reverberation and echoes from the sound waves. The porous material would trap the waves and convert them into heat energy.

That means to say, though soundproof blankets can’t cancel 100% of the noise, it can noticeably reduce it up to 80%.

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Things to consider when buying a soundproof blanket

Before we give you our recommendations, let us tell you first the features you should consider in a soundproof blanket:

1. Thickness

When it comes to soundproofing, the thicker is always better. The thicker the blanket the more sound it can absorb and convert into heat energy. Because of that though, these blankets are a bit heavy and may be hard to hang on a surface.

2. Design

What we mean by design isn’t the looks, but what the blankets were designed for. For example, if your intent is to soundproof a room for recording purposes, you need to opt for a soundproof blanket with enough acoustic capability to block out lower tones as much as it can.

If you’re intent is simply to reinforce the soundproof capability of your home through the windows or doors, then a cheap moving blanket will do.

There is a lot more to do this than meets the eye. The object you would like to cover, for example, should be considered in selecting the type of soundproof blanket. If you would be covering a noisy refrigerator, then you would need a quilted design that can also absorb temperature.

3. Installation

You should also pay attention to whether the blanket is easy to install or not. Some blankets have grommets in them as you see in curtains.

Unfortunately, most don’t have them. If a blanket doesn’t have grommets, it’s advisable that you put some to make it easier to install and manage.

4. Price

Finally, the price. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. However, cheaper blankets could mean lesser material (in quantity or quality). Better check the specifications of a soundproof blanket and see if the price is worth it.

What soundproof blanket should you get?

Now that you know what to consider if ever you decide to buy one, let’s go over the different blankets that we’re confident will meet your needs.

Audimute Sound Dampening Blanket

Starting with one of the best, Audimute’s soundproof blanket can help you achieve professional-grade audio.

These blankets have a 0.85 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating which is really great. The closer the coefficient is to 1 the higher the sound absorption.

Audimute’s soundproof blanket can reduce noises in the mid and high-frequency by 65%. This makes Audimute the excellent choice in absorbing sound.

Product highlights:

  • 0.85 NRC rating
  • 95” x 54” size
  • Includes 3 metal grommets on each side
  • Price: $70-$80
  • Source: Amazon

Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel

From the name itself, this quilted soundproof blanket is made for singers. It has excellent noise protection with acoustic capability.

This is made possible with the quilted fiberglass which helps create a deep acoustic sound by reducing the noise on the other side of the blanket.

In terms of thickness, it would be hard to find one that can compare with Singer Safety’s soundproof blanket. It can nearly dampen sounds from almost all decibel ranges.

With this product, you would literally see why people say “the more expensive the better”. What this soundproof material can do is reflected in how much it costs — more than $200 apiece.

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Product highlights:

  • Rated class 1 building material (American Society for Testing and Materials E-84 tunnel test for flammability)
  • Enhances area lighting due to attractive metallic grey (some models come in white)
  • Reduces as much as 17 decibels depending on the source of noise
  • Includes brass grommets along the top and side edges
  • Price: $200-$800
  • Source: Amazon

US Cargo Control Supreme Mover Moving Blankets

These cotton-filled blankets are thick and heavy due to multiple layers of padding stitched inside the blankets. The materials used are perfect for covering your appliances to reduce appliance noise.

Also, US Cargo Control Supreme Moving Blankets are hard to damage. You can’t easily rip them. Perfect if you have kids and pets that are fond of ripping or tearing.

Though not specifically made for soundproofing, the thickness of the layers makes these blankets a great noise filter. Even if they’re thick, they’re washable.

Product highlights:

  • Quilted premium cotton/polyester blend
  • With 3-inch black woven binding that’s safe to machine wash
  • Excellent for appliance protection
  • Price: $35-$400
  • Source: Amazon

Sure-Max Moving Blankets

Sure-Max’s soundproof blankets are professional-grade with exceptional protection against damage and moisture.

This durable, dual-sided blanket is padded with virgin cotton with polyester binding. What holds the cushioning in place is the zig-zag stitching which prolongs the blanket’s pad life.

This blanket has lots of uses. Aside from packing appliances and furniture for protection, the double-sided construction of the blanket provides it with excellent insulation against noise.

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By the way, you should know that you can’t wash or dry this blanket using a machine. The only cleaning method allowed is to spot clean.

Product highlights:

  • Made with ultra-plush, padded cotton batting with resilient fabric cover
  • Durable with its reinforced double-lock stitched fabric
  • Dual-side for increased protection
  • Price: $17-$35
  • Source: Amazon

Big Boxer Grommeted Industrial Blanket

Big Boxer’s industrial blankets are made with double-stitched non-woven polyester and cotton which makes the blanket a good sound dampening material.

Though the price looks cheap at first glance, you have to realize that it’s only for a single blanket. Fortunately, though, the size of it is big enough to cover smaller walls or home appliances.

Though it’s bigger than the rest, Big Boxer blankets have reinforced metal grommets every 9 inches. That way, no matter how big it is, it’s still easy to hang and manage on a curtain rod.

Product highlights:

  • Pretty big with a size of 78” x 72”
  • 9-inch grommets on the surface
  • Non-woven polyester with cotton
  • Price: $14-$16
  • Source: Amazon

Tusy Packing Blankets

Tusy boasts of their blankets of having superior cushioning made with premium quality moving skins that could protect furniture and appliance against harmful elements.

Their blankets have a durable structure from the recycled cotton padding with a polyester binding that’s highly resistant to tears and rips. Though heavy-duty, the blankets are soft and breathable.

With that, you can say that it can dampen sound due to the thickness alone. But the gaps would still allow a few sound waves to pass through.

Mikkel Holm, Founder of

Product highlights:

  • 72” x 80”
  • Durable quilted cotton with thick polyester binding
  • Comes in 12pcs/pack
  • Price: $50-$80
  • Source: Amazon

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Blankets

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes moving blankets come in different variants:

  • Deluxe
  • Felt
  • Supreme
  • Pro

Out of them all, their Supreme variant has the greatest punch.

Their blankets are like the durable and economical alternative to the heavier and thicker moving blankets. Though not of the highest quality (due to the thinness of the material), they still have quite a good sound dampening capability.

A lot of people like to buy these blankets because you get more per package for a lesser price. Since they are thin, you can layer them up to increase their protection and soundproofing efficiency.

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Because they’re thinner, they’re also easier to set up and hang. Since they have no grommets, you would have to nail them on the wall or to whatever surface you’re hanging it on. (Again, it would be easier for you to install grommets instead.)

Product highlights:

  • Sold in a 12-in-1 pack
  • Double-lock stitching and pre-consumer batting
  • Durable and economical solution to heavier moving blankets
  • Price: $35-$85
  • Source: Amazon

Wrapping things up…

To wrap it up, moving blankets, especially those designed for acoustics, are effective in deadening noise. Out of all soundproofing materials you can find, soundproof blankets are the most flexible and versatile.

Of course, there are still considerations you have to think about when buying one. Not all moving blankets were made the same. Feel free to review the considerations section of this article so you can choose the best one for your needs.