How to Soundproof a Dog Crate: 7 Effective Solutions (That Work)

Soundproofing a dog crate is a must especially if you’re living in a neighborhood where the houses are very close.

Though we love dogs very much, it gets annoying when their constant barking keeps you awake night after night.

The worse case is, if you don’t do anything, your neighbors might put up a petition against you and your dogs.

That’s why in this article, we’ll be showing you ways you can soundproof your dog crate.

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Let’s get it started! 🐶

Introduction about soundproofing dog crates

No matter how much you love your dogs, problems would arise if you don’t find a way to stop the dog from barking especially late at night.

As you know, a dog’s bark is very loud and sometimes sharp and all who are hearing the bark will have trouble sleeping.

There are 2 reasons why you should soundproof the crate of your dog:

  • Avoid disturbing your neighbor
  • To help the dog relax by blocking the noises the dog is hearing

Sometimes, the dog barks because it senses danger, is distracted, or just anxious. So improving the dog’s condition might be able to stop the dog from barking.

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How to soundproof a dog crate?

In general, there are 2 ways to soundproof the dog crate:

  • Focusing on the dog by making it happier and calmer
  • Focusing on the surroundings by installing soundproof materials

In addition, we also included buying a new dog crate.

Be advised that it’s best to combine multiple solutions. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Try each one on your dog and see which one works best.

Here’s how you can soundproof a dog crate:

1. Stop the dog from barking

Before putting up various materials for soundproofing, try making the dog feel more comfortable.

For example, you can play soothing music to help them stay calm. Or don’t make your dog feel anxious especially when you’re leaving the house. Avoid hugging the dog every time you leave as the dog would soon learn that if you hug him, you’re leaving.

You can also tire your dog out by letting it run around during the day. If they’re tired, they can’t bark during the night as they’ll be sleeping soundly. If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire a dog sitter to do it for you.

You can also train and discipline your dog to stay in and be quiet. Or you can buy your dog a toy to keep them distracted.

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2. Cover the crate with soundproof blankets

If training them doesn’t work, you have no choice but to consider using soundproofing materials. One of which you can use is a soundproof blanket. Cover the crate with it to lessen the noise.

Soundproof blankets are denser and thicker than regular blankets. You can also use moving blankets if you have some on your house.

Technically, soundproof blankets and moving blankets are similar. The former started out as moving blankets. But when companies learned of its usefulness, they started making one for studio use. Examples of such blankets are Audimute and Singer Safety.

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These blankets are made of mineral wool, cotton, or multi-layered polyester which are very good sound absorbers. If you don’t like covering the crate with it, you can hang the blankets on a curtain rod beside the crates.

3. Crate covers

Your other choice is to buy dog crate covers not just for soundproofing, but also for the dog’s privacy and security.

The best dog crate covers are those that convert the crate into a cozy atmosphere for the dog. This would prevent them from being anxious and would help them stop barking.

For convenience, select the covers which are strong and washable. You will have to regularly wash the cover as the smell of the dog would stick in it.

Consider the material being used, too. Make sure they’re skin-friendly, soft, hygienic, and dirt-repellent, if possible. Most are made with a premium microfiber fabric structure.

Some of the brands you can trust include Petsfit, TufToys, and Avanigo.

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4. Soft crates

If you’ve got plans to buy new dog crates, consider buying soft crates.

With soft creates, there will be no need for you to buy covers. Some of these crates are collapsible so you can keep them away if you don’t need them anymore.

The padding on these crates makes them more comfortable for the dog and quieter compared to wire crates. Those with mesh material are good for the dog but they might not be ideal for soundproofing.

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Some of the good soft dog crates you can find are the ones from Go Pet Club, PRECISION PET, and AmazonBasics.

5. Soundproof dog crate

Instead of soft crates, how about directly buying a soundproof dog crate?

An example of this is the Quiet Kennel from Prestige Pets.

Their product would help protect dogs from loud noises as well as protect your neighbors from your own dog’s barks.

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The walls are made with acoustic soundproof foam and fully ventilated with multiple air holes and a double fan air circulation system.

6. Soundproof the wall

If the above solutions aren’t enough, you may need to soundproof the wall.

There are lots of ways you can do this like using sealants to cover the holes or repainting your walls with soundproof paints.

But for a quick and easy fix, you can buy acoustic foam panels to help absorb the sound. Assuming the dog crate is in a close-room, these foam panels help absorb the sound from the bark and convert it to heat energy.

You can buy some cheap ones on YWSHUF or Mybecca. If you’re willing to spend a little more, foam panels from LUXHIVE are worth your money.

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7. Sound the entire room

If you’re still not satisfied, why not soundproof the entire room where the crate is?

Of course, this is more costly than merely soundproofing the wall using foam panels. If you’re serious about soundproofing the room, you would have to look at soundproofing the floor, ceiling, and the door.

The most effective combination you can do is place batt insulation, replace the drywall and seal the gaps and spaces you see using green glue.

quietrock 545 drywall

Batt insulation normally costs around $40-$60. You can find some at Roxul, Owens Corning, and ATS Acoustics.

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The drywall, in terms of cost, is the real issue. Just one would cost you more than a hundred dollars. But the soundproofing properties the soundproofing drywall got are serious. If you’re curious, check out QuietRock and National Gypsum.

Wrapping things up…

As you can see, there are ways you can keep your dog’s crate a little bit quiet so you wouldn’t have problems with your neighbors. Not just that, but you also protect your dogs from outside noises like thunder and explosions.

Choose carefully which solutions you would like to try. Again, you’re not limited to selecting only one. In fact, what works best is combining some of them to create a more powerful soundproofing capability.

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