How to Soundproof Your Interior Door: 7 Effective Solutions

Interior doors are usually hollow and lighter compared to exterior doors made of solid wood.

Because of that, noises can pass through them easily.

Normally, there’s no problem with that.

But if there’s a noise in the house and you want peace and quiet in your room, you’ll be having a hard time.

The solution to that is to soundproof your interior doors.

In this article, you’ll learn 7 effective solutions to block all noise going in and out through the door.

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Soundproof Weatherstripping Door Kits

Noise can easily pass through open spaces.

The first step you can do to soundproof your interior doors is to cover the holes and gaps.

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Primarily, there are 3 areas you should focus on:

  • Door frame
  • Door jambs
  • Gap under the floor

With weatherstrip kit, you can easily cover most of the gaps in a door.

You can find lots of soundproof weather stripping door kits out there.

There are basic ones that are considered as “all in one kit for the door” like the kits from Kanzzy and Cloud Buyer.

There are also weatherstripping foams, like the ones from Magzo, which have varying thicknesses you can choose from.

Of course, like in any soundproofing materials, the thicker the better. So if you would like to cover as much noise as you can, use thicker weatherstrip kits.

At the same time, there are also weatherstrip kits made for door jambs. Some of them include products from M-D Building Products and AM Conservation Group.

Soundproof Weather Stripping Door Kits

Soundproof Door Sweep for Interior Door

Some weatherstripping kits can be used to minimize the space between the door and the floor.

But not all. Remember, the doors need to slide. You can’t seal that space the same way you seal the door frames.

You’ll have to use an adjustable door sweep.

Don’t worry, soundproof door sweeps are versatile and self-adhesive. You can install them easily even by yourself.

Aside from soundproofing, door sweeps help keep bugs and insects away from your room. There’s also less heat coming out of your room.

The downside is, sliding the door might get a bit difficult. Time to time, you might need to adjust your door sweeps as the adhesive might slowly become less effective.

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Or better yet, just apply new ones. There’s no need to worry, they don’t cost that much. 😊

Soundproof Door Sweep for Interior Door

Soundproof Panels

Using acoustic panels is a good way to block off the noises coming from the outside.

Normally, such panels are used in recording studios as they’re good in improving the acoustics inside a room.

For your information, there are two kinds of soundproof panels:

  • Foam Panels
  • Fiberglass Panels

Though they are both panels, they have different effects on sound.

The first one helps reduce the echo in a room. If your purpose is to record sound inside a room, foam panels are what you use.

Fiberglass panels are effective in blocking the noise.

Therefore, since the goal is to soundproof interior doors, fiberglass panels are the ideal type of panel to use. Of course, you can use both to reduce the echo and block the sound.

But you should know that fiberglass panels cost more than foam panels. But it’s surely worth it since they’re also prettier and great for blocking low-frequency noises.

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You would need adhesives to install them at your door.

Soundproof Panels

  • Noise reduction effectiveness: 7/10
  • Cost range: $25-$80
  • Sources: Amazon (glass panels – BQLZR, foam panels – Techdesk Audio and Fstop Labs)

Soundproof or Moving Blankets

Surprised to find blankets among this list?

Well, soundproofing blankets (and some moving blankets) are great in absorbing sound.

If you found a way to hang them on your doors, you could at least take away half the noise coming in.

To increase their effectiveness, add another layer until you’re satisfied.

For sure, these blankets are big. Fortunately, they’re also affordable.

In addition, soundproof blankets help reduce thermal leak from your room. And depending on the design, they could help elevate your room’s appearance.

Mikkel Holm, Founder of

Soundproofing or Moving Blankets

  • Noise reduction effectiveness: 5/10
  • Cost range: $70-$90
  • Sources: Amazon (Audimute, Sure-Max)

Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains are frequently used in windows.

But these curtains are not solely for soundproofing windows. You can practically use them to soundproof anything, even doors.

These curtains are designed to block out sounds, reducing noises from the other side of the door drastically.

Unlike fiberglass panels, soundproof curtains deal with medium to high sound frequencies. They don’t do so well against low frequencies.

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The challenge with this solution is the installation. But after putting a curtain rod and eyelets in place, you can then simply hang the curtains on them.

Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Paint

If you’re not a fan of making alterations or having additional “items” on your door for soundproofing, how about painting on it?

Soundproof paints are very different than your average paint. It’s mostly made up of latex which is an effective material against noise when dry.

Also, soundproof paints are denser than your normal paint. Once they dry, you’ll see little chunks on it which help absorb sound.

In short, soundproof paint wouldn’t look pretty on your door. However, they do well against medium-pitched noises like speech and conversation.

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On top of it, they’re also affordable and hassle-free.

You should know that soundproof paint is used as a supplement to other soundproofing solutions.

Soundproof Paint

Soundproof Doors

Lastly, how about getting a new door?

Interior doors are usually hollow, making it easy for noise to enter your room.

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A solid wood door is a good choice. But this would be a big investment on your part.

So if you’re living in a rented property, you better choose another option.

But if you’re planning to invest on soundproof doors, there are companies like Acoustic Doors that make soundproof doors of different sizes and features.

Of course, you’ll have to prepare for the price since these doors can easily cost more than $2,000.

Soundproof Doors

Wrapping it up…

Soundproofing doors don’t have to be hard. As you’ve seen, most of the solutions mentioned above don’t need any construction on the door.

If you’re serious about soundproofing your door, it’s best that you combine some of the solutions above. Each solution blocks different sound frequencies. So the more you combine, the greater the noise you block.

In addition, most of the solutions above don’t cost more than $100 except for buying a new (soundproof) door. Some may require a bit of effort to install, but in the end, the peace you’ll get is all worth it.